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Collect reward points !

Each booking of a minimum value of 100 euro made, allows you to start accumulating reward points worth 3% of the amount of your booking, as detailed below :

  • A 100-Euro-booking will credit 3 Euros to your reward points
  • A 200-Euro-booking will credit 6 Euros to your reward points
  • A 300-Euro-booking will credit 9 Euros to your reward points
  • A 500-Euro-booking will credit 12 Euros to your reward points
  • A 1000-Euro-booking will credit 30 Euros to your reward points

    Reward points may be used on your next reservation.

    How can I use my reward points ?

    When making a booking, choose the option to identify yourself using the same email address and password you had used when making your previous reservation. Once registered as such, your reward points will automatically be deducted from your new booking.

    How can I check on my accumulated reward points ?

    You may access your client account at any time by clicking here. This is where you can change your account details and check your reward points status.


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