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 District Montmartre - Metro : Abbesses/Blanche

 5 rue Aristide Bruant 75018 - Phone : +

» x-Pavillon Montmartre Capucines - Paris
» District Montmartre - Adjoinning area


Montmartre was until 1860 a village outside Paris. Its name probably comes from Mons Martis (Mount of Mars) because a temple dedicated to the god Mars was located on the hill during the Roman period. A second temple dedicated to Mercury was also there. Its name might also come from “mount of martyr” because it was, according to legend, an important passage place of Saint Denis, the first Paris bishop, who is said to have survived his own execution...

MontmartreGenuine village nested in the capital heart, Montmartre is still today a lively district, full of historical and cultural discoveries. It is visited by more than 6 million tourists, strolling in the typical alleys of the old Paris. With its cafes, bars, cabarets and vineyards, it is all the Parisian Bohemia which teems in the shade of the famous basilica of the ‘Sacré Cœur’ basilica.The draughtsmen and portraitists exhibit their work, in an exhilarating atmosphere typical of Montmartre. With only a metro ticket, a funicular will allow you an easy access to the terrace.

En francais : Paris x-Pavillon Montmartre Capucines
In spanish : x-Pavillon Montmartre Capucines Paris

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