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 District Tour Eiffel, Trocadero - Metro : Porte de Saint-Cloud

 21, rue Gudin 75016 - Phone : +

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» District Tour Eiffel, Trocadero - Adjoinning area

The Eiffel Tower

In 1889, when the visionary Gustave Eiffel set up this tower for the World Fair, it took the name of his inventor, never knowing that later it would become the international symbol of the city, and the most visited of the world.

Eiffel TowerThe Eiffel Tower, which is 300 meters high, is the watchtower of the capital and is probably the most popular silhouette of the world. Its muddled metallic girders and its elevators carried millions of visitors … As night falls, it is lighted with an incredible sparkling every 30 minutes until 1 o’clock in the morning, in the heart of the elegant districts of the capital. As an interactive monument, the Eiffel Tower also knows how to renew the visitors’ interest thank to its numerous functions: radio antenna, restaurant, ice rink, exposition gallery or special theatre, the “Iron Lady”, as the French call it, symbolizes alone the cultural diversity and the modernity of the capital.


The place was named Trocadéro in commemoration of the battle which took place in 1823, during which a French expeditionary force took off the Trocadéro fort which defended the port of Cadiz in Spain.

Trocadero It is for the 1878 World Fair that the palace of Trocadéro was created. Leaned on the hill, it survived until 1937, when the current ‘Palais de Chaillot’ for the Exhibition of the Arts and Techniques was built. Its two curved wings, each of them connecting two huge detached houses, fill the visitors with wonder.
The gardens and the Esplanade ‘du Trocadéro’ are top places for a walk, swarming with visitors and Parisian seeking relaxation. Acrobats, rollerbladers, pedestrians and lovers of naps on lawns gather there every day. When the weather is fine, people even invades the ponds! Trocadéro is also a popular gathering place where a lot of Parisian events are held: concerts, national celebrations, etc.

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